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Prayer4UKToday 22 Sep 17

Prayer4UKToday is joining E10 for three days of fasting and prayer for the Ezra 10 Vision. Please visit the website for details.

GOD... El Shaddai,
is calling the United Kingdom of Great Britain  to special assemblies that will cause HIM to turn HIS face towards our Nation once again, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

DAY 3 Friday, 22 September 2017
Stake/s, Hammer, Anointing Oil, Partially Pre-dug Hole

E10 Daytime Meditation and Prayer

If My people, who are called by My
Name, shall humble themselves, pray,
seek, crave and require of necessity My
face and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from Heaven, forgive
their sin, and heal their land
2 Chronicles 7:14, Amplified Bible.

Father God, Lord of Wisdom, El-Deah God of Knowledge, impart Your wisdom, this day, to Your people; the wisdom You gave Solomon, we ask for that wisdom.
Help us together, young and old, unite so to see Your kingdom reign and Your righteous rule established, Governor Yeshua, Governor Jesus Christ.
LORD, let not our land be given over to our enemies… But forgive us of our transgressions (Ps 51).
Restore, Oh Lord, Your rule and reign, over our Land.
We humbly ask that You hear us and grant us our request, as we come before You in and through the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ,
our Saviour.

TAKING THE LAND Friday, 22 September 2017


Step One: Preparation

It’s important to spend time with God ahead of doing the court room prayers or declarations. You need to give a little time and space to ensuring those taking part are right with God and there's no unconfessed sin etc... Secondly you will need to know what God's original purpose was for the land and how the enemy has sought to defile or corrupt that. If you listen God will reveal this info.

Step Two: Stepping into the witness box.

At this point you will need to declare out loud who you are and on what basis you have the right to bring a case against the enemy. So I might declare “I am a child of the living God, adopted into His family through the grace extended to me when I choose to accept that Jesus died for my sins. I am under the blood of Christ and Jesus is my advocate before God the judge, who is also my father. I am a coheir in God’s kingdom and I come here today on the basis of that, not in my own strength or righteousness, but trusting in God’s grace.” One person in the group can do this and speak on behalf of the group while others pray, or you can each do it if you intend to read any declarations out together.

Step Three: The Case Against the Enemy

This is where it helps to know want the land was intended for and how the enemy has sought to defile or corrupt it. Again the case should be declared out loud. “I come here today to ask the judge of the universe to hear a case against the enemy, that he has overstepped his bounds and sought to use for evil what you, LORD, intended for good...” At this point you add in the specifics God had revealed to you. You finish this section by asking God to take into consideration your case.

Step Four: Cry for Justice

This is where you pray from the heart and ask God to show mercy and kindness toward his children by dispensing justice on the enemy and his agents.

Step Five: Stepping down from the witness box

At this point it’s good to give some praise and glory to God, to recognise his authority and thank him that he can be trusted to deal with the enemy and dispense justice as he sees fit. You then state that you are leaving the case in God's hands for him to deal with and thank him that you know the outcome will be good, right and fair.

With thanks to Jayne Seaman, prophetic intercessors group for the city of Reading, England. Working with 10 Days Reading

After this is done, hammer your stake right into the ground, so it is fully submerged and undetectable to any passer-by.
Only God and you know it is there! And visualise that oil and stake being soaked up by the soil and spreading, like ink on blotting paper.
Speak out over the land and declare its healing!
Oh praise our magnificent Father… JEHOVAH RAPHA, The LORD Who Heals!

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace
.” Num. 6:24-26

Brexit Timings    22nd September 2017

We declare over every significant meeting in these few days affecting the future of this nation, including the Prime Minister’s meeting in Florence and the start of the Labour Party Conference, - You are the Highest Authority in Heaven and Earth- and we decree and declare Great Britain will move according to Your purpose and plan. 

As Theresa May delivers her speech, we declare “You will make the crooked places straight” and in the Name of Jesus, we call forth a spirit of reconciliation amongst all the leaders of Europe that Your Kingdom purpose will overwhelm any ungodly political, vengeful or social agenda. Isaiah 42:16

We decree Heavens schedule over every negotiation, that every log-jam, every deadlock and every delay caused by man or the enemy will be released, and we speak a convergence of these negotiations, and any agreement on a transition season, with Your appointed timings.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Suzanne Ferrett
Passion for the Nation

Please pray and share with your intercessors, Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Church Prayers, Men & Women’s Groups. Thank you.

Las & Arlene Ratnayake

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