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Prayer4UKToday 6 Sep 17

Our Father in heaven Hallowed be Your Name RABBI Master Jn. 20:16
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven.

Tope Teniola's visions during night prayers in the Ffalyd-y-Brenin Chapel 27th August 2017. (NB: The staff  have now shared my vision with Roy Godwin, Ffalyd-y-Brenin and my Senior Pastor will share with Roy and Brenda, Dovetail Shalom Ministries).

"As Nigel was praying, I saw, as though I was looking down from the sky above into the nation (UK) while it was night-time, candles burning within homes/buildings and around each lit candle, there were 3 people (faces shining bright) praying intently for this nation. As a camera zooms out, so did the vision, and I had a bird's eye view of multitudes of people doing the same thing in groups of 3. Although the people were praying in the dark, all darkness in the nation became light as the lit candles seemed to prevail. As so many candles were lit, so many different groups of 3 were praying for this nation."

INTERPRETATION (by Tope - to be weighed up):
“I sense the LORD saying that many people in UK are waiting for His revival. However, it won't start in the same way as in the early 1900's (i.e. large corporate prayer in one large building), rather He will do a new thing. As His saints pray in small groups across the nation, the enemy will not be able to stand the light (prayer & praise) and will flee.
I feel church leaders need to mobilise the church to start these prayer pockets asap (from anywhere we can find another Christian who truly stand for the things of God. So could be workplace/in church/home etc). I suggest that folk get together in 3's weekly to pray short bursts of 20 to 30 mins sessions on the specific matters which are directly attacking God's order in our land. Use & stand on God's Word & sing songs like 'Shine Jesus Shine' during the meetings.”
{Extra note added 31/08/17: – this obviously doesn’t mean we should stop praying corporately – I believe it is simply referring to the revival}.
Note: about 6pm same day whilst resting, I dreamt I saw our Queen's face in a large beautiful gold frame with a flag in the far right hand corner. Suddenly, the face of a Hezbollah man started to emboss her face & their flag our flag. Her photo became rather distorted. This lasted only a few seconds then both the photo & the flag were restored to its former state.

INTERPRETATION (by Tope - to be weighed up)
I sense God warning us that the battle between Islam & Christianity is going to get fierce in UK as it tries to take over. I believe He is also assuring us Christianity will prevail & UK will have its Christian heritage restored. The Church will prevail.

Brenda & Juliet talking about the Day of Prayer on September 8th


Get together with two or three others and pray for the Nation on Friday 8th September.
Prayer pointers for the day will be posted on Friday 8th.
Thank you for joining in the Day of Prayer. 

Please pray and share with your intercessors, Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Church Prayers, Men & Women’s Groups. Thank you.

Las & Arlene Ratnayake

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