Monday, 11 June 2018

Prayer4UKToday 11th June 2018

Our Father in heaven Hallowed be Your Name ‘EL Shadday Almighty God Gen. 17:1 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven.


Prayer4UKToday 11th June 2018 

Trade  11th June 2018

We declare as God realigns nations, this nation will be aligned and connected for trade in the days ahead, according to Your design purpose and blessing. We declare those Treaties and Agreements You would disconnect will be disconnected and we pull forward those connections You desire to be part of our future. We declare over any potential Customs Union, Customs Partnership or Membership of the European Economic Area,  “You hold the key of David, what You open no one can shut, and what You shut no one can open  Isaiah 22:22.
We praise You for all those who heard from You in past seasons, and released Your solutions into lives and communities, affecting and combining the well being of the people and the economy within our land.
In these days of shift and change, we declare businesses will be resilient and jobs created.  In the Name of Jesus, we call forth all those You have anointed to contribute in various and diverse ways to the economy of our nation, from the entrepreneurs to CEOs, and from ministers to treasury officials. We declare the philanthropists will arise and we call forth those called to social enterprise, and the increase of charitable business.
Now, as industries shift and required skills change, we decree the industrial, commercial and business communities within this land, both management and workforce, will embrace every new opportunity Your Spirit is releasing in this day. We cry out for Your grace and Your kindness, that those whose lives will be affected, will be enabled to embrace every change.

Suzanne Ferrett
Passion for the Nation

We join in the

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – May 15th to 14th June 2018

Ramadan started on the 15th of May for 30 days when Muslims fast through the day and feast after sunset. During this time they spend time seeking God. 
Prayer for Muslims Monday 11th June (Day 28)

Night of Power Laylat al Qadr

We pray for Muslims on this Night of Power, that You ABI-KHOL Father of All will reveal Yourself to them in many ways.

ABI ELOHE ‘OR Father God of Light we ask that You will give Muslims all over the world  dreams, visions, visitations of Jesus, Damascus Road experiences to encourage them to find out more about You.
Abba Father we pray for believers who can help Muslims understand who the “being of light” in their dreams is and how He wants them to follow Him. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.
[30days of Prayer]

Please pray and share with your intercessors, Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Church Prayers,  Men & Women’s Groups. Thank you.
Las & Arlene Ratnayake

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