Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Prayer4UKToday 16th Jan 2019

Our Father in heaven Hallowed be Your Name ‘ADONAI JEHOVAH LORD God Master Gen. 15:2 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven.

Shaping the Nation – The Fullness 6

“In AD 849 King Alfred the Great wrote: “There is only one way to build my Kingdom and that is on the sure and certain foundation of faith in Jesus Christ crucified.”

Although King Alfred the Great was never King of England, his achievements made him the true founder of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the 10th and 11th centuries, prior to the Norman invasion.

In his Doom Book, or Legal Code, 20% of his law code came from the Bible. This code became the foundation of much of our law and legal system which lasted until recent years.”

We thank you Lord for every aspect of Godly inheritance that You put within our land. We thank you for Kingdom foundations within our government, justice systems and many aspects of our society. We praise and thank you for the freedoms which, based on Your word, have also been our inheritance, encompassed in our laws, and impacted the world.

Just as Jesus gave the church the Great Commission, so we decree and declare in this land, the freedom to the church to fulfil its God given call. The freedom to preach the gospel, heal the sick, set the captives free and to bring in the Kingdom will remain and increase upon Your people. We declare a God given inheritance in this nation, is that those freedoms will be set and protected by law. 

This is a day when You are connecting the past with the future, so we speak to the UK and we declare the Name of Jesus will be restored in this land.

Now, we call God’s people to praise and to worship, that the peace which passes all understanding will rest upon all those in Westminster at this time, that God’s will and God's purpose will be established in the hearts and minds of every MP and every minister. We decree every shift, change, and negotiation will further God’s purpose for the United Kingdom, and we declare His Majesty, His Glory and His Kingdom will again blaze across this land

Suzanne Ferrett
Passion for the Nation

Please pray and share with your intercessors, Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Church Prayers, Men & Women’s Groups. Thank you.

Las & Arlene Ratnayake

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