Saturday, 18 April 2020


Kathleen D. Mitchell
In The Cleft of the Rock Min. International
April 18, 2020
We have an urgent call to arms against a strategy that is operating even in this very minute. Lady Gaga and the WHO (World Health Organization) started a 6-hour concert, with an abundance of artists, global health experts, etc. that is being shared on media throughout the world.  It is entitled ONE WORLD: TOGETHER AT HOME. While it proclaims itself to be a concert to comfort and bless the world that is struggling with the COVID-19 crisis … as well as a “shout out” of honor for the noble healthcare workers throughout the globe, it has a much deeper and more insidious purpose. The event culminates with a global broadcast on major networks around the world from 8-10 PM, United States eastern time TONIGHT (April 18th The front runner organizations that were assigned by satan to lay the groundwork for the new global, single ruler order (which will be the government of the anti-Christ very soon) are the WHO (World Health Organization, and UN. Major businesses that have been empowered by the dark side to facilitate the agenda are such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute, FaceBook, Amazon, Disney, CNN, Google, etc.
Lady Gaga is steeped in the highest levels of the occult.  Many of the performers, supports, and orchestrators of this event are involved deeply in the occult as well. I’m not saying ALL are. I believe some of them are just good-hearted people that want to bless others, and are deluded into supporting whatever sounds like a good cause, and a logical course. But here’s the thing:  As this “concert to unite the world as one” is taking place, the listeners and watchers are being propagandized into the agenda of a One World Global Order of governance, economics, business, religion, justice, etc. The case will be presented that individual nations create problems. This pandemic will be raised up as a key example/reason why everything must be unified concerning health, supply, wealth, organization, policy, etc. The hopeful message they will send to a COVID weary world, is that we can’t keep ourselves and our planet safe unless we unite.  Remember that same message being stated at the Tower of Babel? If we would only unite, nothing would be impossible to us … we all would be safe and prospered … we could be our own gods. Our combined knowledge would make our world a paradise of our own design.  Presenting the desperate need for us to “fight for our world” together, the audience will be asked to go to the Global Citizen website, or to other related sites, to SIGN THE PLEDGEand to demand of the world leaders to make the changes that will lead to a global order of all things. This is a message from Global Citizens and the One World and Together at Home website about this event:
Global Citizens, now is your chance to fight the spread of COVID-19. Join us for One World: #TogetherAtHome on April 18 to call on governments, corporations, and philanthropists to step up their investments in global health.
They are calling on YOU to support their 'ONE WORLD'...
"Curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga, featuring appearances from over 70 of the world’s leading artists, multiple host and Global Citizens like YOU!" 
👉They want YOU to get involved here!
"Take action now! 'Take the pledge, as a global citizen, I'm staying home!"⚠
What do they want US to demand of our leaders?
 Invest in vaccines (Bill Gates stuff), fight against poverty (socialism and redistribution of wealth, etc.), eliminate inequality (end nationalism, gender, tribes and families)bring about the end of dangerous climate change (through global mandates to all nations), etc. They want all those tuned in to the concert to show their love, and their enlightenment, by supporting the forthcoming new ONE WORLD order for the 'COMMON GOOD of all'.
The material below came to me from a fellow warrior.  It is clear and well written, so rather than express this information in my own words, knowing that the time is short for us to gather in prayer, I am copying it below. Anything written in italics has been added by me. My prayer points will follow.
They will be pushing the masses to go to the 'Global Citizen' web page. On this page they have the same goals as the UN, WHO and Pope Francis (i.e. a new global religion called Christian Humanism … to be announced by the Vatican on May 14th). They want you to demand world leaders invest in vaccines, fight against poverty, inequality, climate change, etc. This is designed to get you to support a new ONE WORLD order for the 'COMMON GOOD of all'. (Of course with dictated morality and social standards)
They want you to just sit back, immerse yourself and enjoy this RITUAL!  As they send subliminal messages (in music and in images) to you for 6 HOURS!!! This is all about MIND CONTROL.... 
"As Gaga explained while announcing the event last week, One World: Together at Home is not your traditional benefit concert: "We want to raise the money before we go on air. When we do go on air, put your wallets away, your credit cards away, and ENJOY THE SHOW," she explained during an at-home live stream."
It also seems like the number '6' is very popular with this pandemic….
🔸Keep '6 feet' away, social distancing
🔸 Netflix Pandemic documentary has '6 Episodes'
🔸According to the WHO definition, 'Phase 6' is a pandemic 🔸
    CDC unveils '6-phase' pandemic response blueprint
🔸The word Corona has '6 letter', simple gematria = 66
     Headline from AP news…"China didn’t warn public of likely pandemic for '6 key days'.
🔸Headline from NPR org "WHO Sets '6 Conditions' For Ending A Coronavirus Lockdown"
🔸And now we have this '6 hour' ritual, not 3 hours or 4 hours but '6' long hours! 
👉Remember what took place in Daniel 3, King Nebuchadnezzar made a statue for the people to bow down to that was '6' cubits high and '6' cubits wide. BUT before they bowed down, what happened first….. 🎼The MUSIC had to be played! Remember this is all spiritual. ⚔ 
📖 "Then the herald loudly proclaimed, “O PEOPLE of EVERY NATION and LANGUAGE this is what you are COMMANDED: As soon as you HEAR the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes, and all kinds of MUSIC,🎺 you must fall down and WORSHIP the golden statue that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up
I'll leave Daniel 3 in the comments for easy reference. There is nothing new under the sun.🌤 
Music is powerful, and satan has been using it since the beginning of time to influence people (After all Lucifer was the chief musical coordinator of heavenly worship for YHVH before his rebellion and pride). "Studies have shown that different languages, tempos, tones, and sound levels of music can cause different effects on emotions, mental activities, and physical reactions." We know this is true because people are paid well to put music to commercials and movies. And we know subliminal messages are often hidden in music. 
These worldly artist (idols or stars) worship the god of this world. Don't be fooled, this is not about supporting our 'Healthcare Workers'. This is a World-Wide Satanic Ritual that is taking NOW …  Saturday, April 18th … Getting you ready to accept this New World Order…. 
Here are some prayer points that I might suggest:
--Pray that the Lord would overturn, with utter failure, all the satanic rituals, and sorcery, incantations and sacrifices that are being conducted around the world to facilitate the success of this event.
--Pray for the angels of the Lord to mess with all the electronics … including the sound systems, the satellite transmissions, the coordination signals, all the connections, the flashy stage lighting and effects, etc. Pray for utter confusion to come to the stages and sets around the world.
--Pray for the Lord to send complete confusion and contradiction into the messages that the deceivers will try to indoctrinate into the audience.
--Pray for the Lord to reveal the TRUE, HIDDEN, MESSAGE and INTENTIONS of the occultic globalists. Pray that they would spew their true hearts onto the audience; revealing what they are truly about … and how they truly feel about the human populations. Pray for them to slip up, and to speak about the importance for the world to be depopulated. Whatever they don’t want to audience to become aware of, cause that to come out of their mouths without their control.
--Pray for forgetful slumber, even a strange disinterest or boredom to fill the hearts and minds of the audience. Cause people for forget to tune in.  Cause them to get too sleepy to listen or too distracted to focus or to absorb any of the messages, images, etc.
--Pray for the Lord to GUT the subliminal messages so that they have no power to control, deceive, or impact. Blind the eyes to them and deafen the ears to them.
--Pray for the Lord to secure all the vulnerable children in a bubble of His light … those, who will be exposed to the indoctrination, and who are likely to accept it as truth and as their future (believing this global rule and new order to be for their well-being … and as their responsibility to accept)
--Ask the Lord to bind up and restrain the principalities of Jezebel, Korah, Leviathan, Baal, Molech, Ashtoreth.
There are so many more things that I could present to you … things that I will present in the next week. Between now and May 1st, some very high occult activities will be taking place that we can impact through intercession and through the help of the Lord.  Right now, I need to send this out, in hope that it will arrive in time for you to pick up the fight.  If you receive it after this event has ended, continue to pray anyway. Time is not an issue in this kind of warfare. This fight will be ongoing from here on out.
God bless you and keep you safe!  As always, please keep me covered!
In Him,

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