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Prayer4UKToday Your Will Be Done - Pray against demonic activity this Sunday - June 21st 2020

Our Father in heaven Hallowed be Your Name YAHOVAH TSIDKENU LORD our Righteousness Jer. 23:6 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in Heaven.


A LUCIFERIAN MARCH for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is being planned to happen in JERUSALEM ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ!!⁉️!!

A religious event happening in Jerusalem by DISCIPLES of LUCIFER.

*The date of the event is planned for THIS SUNDAY JUNE 21ST, 2020 at 2PM (Jerusalem time)‼️!!*

*Let us PRAY specifically AGAINST the WORKS of the OCCULT: BURNING the solar ring of fire eclipse๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ!!!*

Satanic worshipers are casting *their intention to MARCH AT THE KOTEL (WESTERN WALL) in Jerusalem๐ŸŒก๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ⁉️!!!!!*



*"The EFFECTIVE, FERVENT PRAYER of a RIGHTEOUS man AVAILS MUCH." (James 5:16)*๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Demonic activity in the rest of the world

But this message isn’t just about what intercessors are experiencing in the warfare now, but to raise up an alert and some strategy for what is about to occur this Sunday. Let me explain by copying a notice that has been appearing on Facebook throughout the world. Occult members and practioners of very country and stream are being called to participate in this global Summer Solstice declaration.  Below is the information you need to see, from what is being posted in Israel. The same info (about the global decree gatherings) is being posted internationally, but each city’s/nation’s, region’s posting gives the location information for each city/gathering individually … or it just announces the purpose and the hours to gather for those, who live outside the cities; allowing groups to organize their own march/gathering on a broad scale, between the hours of 2 PM and 11 PM in their own time zone this Sunday, June 21st. Here is the notice:
We are the Disciples of LuciferAnd we are here to fulfill the Prophecies of Revelations and start the foundation of forming a One World Government on the Summer Solstice. We are calling on every citizen of Earth to stand in support of the formation of The One World Government. So, on June 21st, 2020 we're calling on every citizen of the Earth to start marches all over the place in support of forming a one world government. Where does it start? It starts with you … how can you help create your own chapter in your town, plan marches, and spread the word of forming a one world government. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, and random people on the streets, that the time to form a One World Government is NOW. The time to fulfill the prophecy is now. Help! Do your part to support the formation of a One World Government by making events for June 21st.  Pass out flyers and tell everyone you know to support the formation of the One World Government. We are calling on every Palestinian and Israelite to come to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on June 21st at 2 P.MWe will fulfill the prophecy and build the new Temple of Solomon. This new Temple of Solomon will be for everyone: Palestinian, Israelite, and any outsider. The only way for the Palestinian-Israelite conflict to end is for a one world government to be initiated. All Palestinians and Israelites are invited to the Luciferian March for a One World Government. Do your part to help make this happen. Search out what is being done in your city and get involved or initiate.  These marches are also being scheduled across the U.S., including: Jacksonville, Florida … Raleigh, North Carolina … Cincinnati, Ohio … Columbus, Ohio … Washington, DC … Madison, WI … Buffalo, New York … Niagara Falls, NY … Salem, OR.  
Check for your local gathering and march. Participate!
With the very high levels of witchcraft operating on our planet right now, can you imagine what could happen if the church sleeps and ignores this event? It doesn’t get any more “in your face” than this openly- declared initiative. Truly a gauntlet has been thrown down. The levels of rebellion and violence burning across the globe right now have created the perfect fuel for a major satanic invasion to arise across the earth. Yes, YHVH is in control, but it is our job to arise and cordon off this initiative. All this could very well be pushing the envelope, and bringing on the anti-Christ, and his government, ahead of YHVH’s schedule. Regardless, we arise and declare the Kingdom of our God, YHVH. We draw a line in the sand all around these gathering sites and march routes. We are told in scripture to resist the devil and he will flee. The intimidation, that has seized power over the narrative through all the wrongful accusations, lies, threats, looting, burning, bullying, and violence, (raised up by Antifa and Black Lives Matters) has silenced many leaders into acquiescence, and destroyed much of the citizen resistance against them. The simmering rage from unemployment, the fear of death from the COVID script, and frustration from the forced submission against public gatherings, etc. have set the stage for the perfect demonic storm. The goal of the elite for COVID-19, the goal of the crashed economy, and the goal of the “race” riots have all been to destroy Trump’s chances at a second term. Beyond that, the goal is to dissolve our form of democratic government and all Judeo-Christian faith, so that the humanist Luciferian elite can replace it with their satanic system of global governance (eventually with the anti-Christ in leadership). This Sunday’s events are intended to expedite that agenda. It’s time for good and Godly people to take this war into the heavenly realm through deep intercession, and spiritual warfare. It’s time to speak out and to take a stand for the Kingdom of YHVH.  Here are some thoughts to consider as you prayerful determine how you and your community of faith might respond.
--Find out where the Luciferian gatherings and marches will take place in your area.  Check with your city’s Parks Dept. to see where their posted permit allows them to gather. Watch for Facebook announcements.
--Go to that site area on Saturday … the day before the gathering. Before you go, put on your spiritual armor, and have a private time of confession, repentance, and communion together; spending time in prayer to cover yourself and loved ones with the blood of Messiah Yeshua. Ask the Lord for cover that will hide you as you go forth, as well as ask Him to blind any satanic spies or watchers, so what you do, and where you go, will be unseen by the dark forces, until it’s too late. In advance, bind down (in the Name, Blood, and Authority of Yeshua the Messiah) all retaliation, backlash and revenge that would come from satan and his crew (against you, or any member of your family or fellowship, or anything pertaining to your life) for what you will do and accomplish. 
--Go to the site in small groups (not alone) to the gathering sites or parade routes, to quietly pray and worship without drawing a lot of attention. Get this done before sundown, as likely, some of the coven members will come in to claim, and to dedicate, the territory Saturday night. Also walk and pray through the surrounding parking areas and walkways. If the witches and anarchists discover that believers are ruining their ritual meeting grounds with holiness and prayer, they may change sites suddenly. Have teams pray in the area throughout Saturday while there is daylight, and even Sunday morning; given that this evil event begins at 2 PM Sunday.
--Worship and praise in quiet song, read scripture, put drops of sanctified oil throughout the area.
--Sprinkle Kosher salt at the boundaries according to the leading of the Lord. If the Lord leads, pour out some sanctified communion wine.
--Consider writing scriptures on pop-sickle sticks, in advance of going to the site, (proclaiming the Lordship and sovereignty of YHVH and the blood atonement of the Messiah) … I use thin point permanent ink on the sticks. Clandestinely drive them, or bury, them completely into the ground … in flowerbeds, in bushes, hidden under rocks or under trash bins, etc.
--Offer Spirit-led prayer and declarations that are in line with scripture. Pray in your prayer language.
--Pray to post angels at key locations, gateways, etc. on the site and surrounding areas, as the Lord directs you. Discern!
--Pray all prayers in the Name, Blood and Authority of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ). His title of authority, Messiah/the Christ, is where the power lies.
--Declare that your city, town, (or a particular property) belongs to YHVH. Dedicate clearly it as a sanctuary for Him. 
--Ask YHVH to act on behalf of His holy Name, and on behalf of His people. Decree that all former claims to that territory, made by darkness, would be broken and made null and void by virtue of the holy blood, and confirmed through the scripture, which are being applied by the Righteous. 
--Pray for YHVH to cleanse all defilement and spilled blood from any time in history on that land. Pray for the blood of Yeshua to break all previous legal claims/covenants/contracts involving that ground that may have been made by rituals and decrees of occult powers, by unrepented sin, or by spilled blood.
--Bind demonic spirits such as Rebellion, Lust, Greed, Pride, Mind Control, Deception, Seduction, Lies, Violence, Hatred, Mocker, Usurper, Witchcraft, Delusion, Ambitious Power, Murder, Attention Seeking, Abduction, Sexual Perversion, Addiction, Unholy Appetite, Idolatry, Blindness, Unholy Power, Intimidation, Boasting, Vain Glory, Accusation, Entrapment, False Witness, Performance, Selfishness, Sleight of Hand, Fascination with Evil, Magic, Temptation, Coercion, Unteachable, Unholy Vows, and any others that the Lord reveals to you. Bind them FROM ALL MANIFESTATION, OPERATION, and TRANSFER, in the NAME, BLOOD AND AUTHORITY OF YESHUA THE MESSIAH. 
--Release the opposite Spirit of whatever you bind down. Example: Where there is Hatred, release the Spirit of Love. Do this for everything you bind down.
--Ask YHVH to bind and rebuke LEVIATHAN, BAAL, JEZEBEL, MOLECH, AHAB, KORAH, BALAAM, ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, ALCHEMY, RACISM/ETHINIC ARROGANCE etc. Discern what is there, or ask YHVH to forbid any/all principalities and high-level powers from manifesting, operating or transferring in any form. 
CONCLUDE with worship and praise and thanksgiving. Pray that the impact of what YHVH had you accomplish on the site, would endure and spread to any surrounding areas. Pray that the holiness, and the elements of the Kingdom of YHVH, which were deposited by the Body of Messiah at this site, would attach to those leading, attending, observing, or participating in this Luciferian event … and follow them home … giving them no peace or rest, until they recognize the truth and turn to the Lord.
**If you are in a city with a traffic loop (a circular roadway) surrounding the city, DRIVE AROUND THE LOOP AND OFFER PRAISE AND PRAYER. DEDICATE THE CITY TO THE LORD, AND ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES FOR THE KINGDOM TO HAVE POWER AND AUTHORITY. POST ANGELS throughout that loop. Shofars being blown around the loop would be helpful. This can be done on Saturday as well as during the event on Sunday.
Please pray for/during the event in Israel on Sunday. Israeli time is 7 hours ahead of USA’s Eastern time; making the start of the gathering at the Wailing Wall 7 AM Eastern time (and the Tel Aviv event ending at 4 PM Eastern time). 
--Pray for the Lord to put His hand down tightly on this arrogant, rebellious event that is being orchestrated and funded by the elite. 
--Pray against the breakout of violence. Cover Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv coast.  
--Pray for the Lord to send a merciful shot across the bow to shut this thing down.  Sandstorm? Weather? Earthquake? He decides.
--Pray for the Lord, in mercy, to keep the people from walking into satan’s trap that could lead to major devastation. 
--Pray for the Israelis to clearly see the connections of arrogant rebellion between the secular, humanistic, Jews and the Palestinians in a joint effort to destroy Israel.
--Pray for the mind-controlled youth, and for those adults, who reject the authority and reality of YHVH, to come out from under the propaganda/programming of Marxist, Luciferian, Humanism and return to the Lord. Pray for them to acquire an appetite for truth.
--Pray for the ultra-religious rabbis to wake up and to come out from under the control of the spirit of Religion … a spirit which is feeding into this problem by presenting a false, legalistic, YHVH, whose name can’t be spoken, and who doesn’t embrace the Gentiles, who seek Him.  
--Pray to break the power of Kabbalah within Judaism, which is based in Babylonian occult practices and beliefs; misleading the people and opening the door to satan’s power in the Land.
I could give you much more, but for right now, I will leave you with this. PLEASE take this threat seriously, but DO NOT PICK UP ANY FEAR. Walk in holiness, humility, submission, obedience, and love, now, and in the days ahead. ENGAGE and invite others to ENGAGE, so that this initiative of the Luciferian elite can go down in major defeat. And as always, please pray protective cover over me, our family, and this ministry. Cover all intercessors, everywhere … especially those working in a team with you.
Blessings IN HIM,

Please pray and share with your intercessors, Bible Study Groups, Prayer Groups, Church Prayers, Men & Women’s Groups. Thank you.

Las & Arlene Ratnayake

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